FREE Soccer Drills and NEW Updates to Tactics Manager v1.2

FREE Soccer Small Sided Game For You to Download

I have a FREE sample small sided game (SSG) for you to download.

It was created using Tactics Manager v1.2 by my good friend Richard Seedhouse, the author of
"Coaching The Coach" book.

It's a great way to improve your teams passing, support, attacking, shooting and defending.

To download and print the session, simply click on the following download button:

Passing, Support, Attacking and
Shooting Training Session (PDF)
Soccer Speed training


New Improved Updates to Tactics Manager v1.2

Great news, we have just released Tactics Manager v1.2. The new a FREE Upgrade includes
some fantastic new features. Click the image below to watch the video demo now:

tactics manager v1.2

Some of the new updates include:

Improved Printing - Print preview, print partial colour and more
Export to JPEG - You can now export your drills/tactics to JPEG with just 1 click
Added Session Builder Tool - Group drills/tactics into sessions to plan, edit and print
and more.. Click the link below to see full list

The upgrade is available now for existing Tactics Manager online users that have a
PRO Edition account and of course for Tactics Manager Standalone users .

To view the full list of the updates and view a video demo, simply click the following link:

Watch Video  Click this link to view Tactics Manager v1.2 Video Demo Now flashing arrowflashing arrow
Tactics Manager v1.2 Standalone Software
Tactics Manager CD-ROM
Design your own training drills and sessions in 2D and
3D views
Design and plan your team tactics, set plays and team
Save, export (to JPEG), print, share your drills, sessions
and tactics
Very quick and easy to use! Just drag and drop...
Free software version updates
Free lifetime support via email, live chat and telephone
Our Price: £49.97 (£42.55 exc VAT)
Approx: $79.99 USD

Please feel free to post your comments and share your thoughts with myself and the rest of the
Soccer Tutor community.

Best Wishes,

Coach George

Director of Coaching Ltd.
UK: +44 207 193 0778
US: +1 305 767 4443

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  1. Soccer is a game of agility, speed, strength and perseverance...
    Your post is helping the sport to be recognized globally...
    A nice way of helping also players improve their skills in the game of soccer..
    Keep up the good work... Nice one...