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Dear Fellow Coach,

Using Tactics Manager Software I have created 2 practices for you that you can use for your sessions. Enjoy..

Attacking Build up Play from the Back - Full Season Training Program - Elite Team Book

Full Season Training Program - Elite Team U15+ (Book)


Description - Extract from "Full Season Training Program - Elite Team Book"
There are 5 progressions to this pattern which are available in the FULL SEASON TRAINING PROGRAM U15+ BOOK. This pattern starts with 2 defenders, 1 midfielder and 2 forwards. Defender 1 plays out to midfielder who shows for the ball and then lays it off to defender 2. D2 plays up to the striker, the midfielder will turn to support the forward, and the striker will play back to the midfielder, who will play through to the winger for a shot on goal. The strikers should follow the shot to goal.

To develop build up from the back and attacking patterns

Coaching Points
1. All players should create space before receiving the ball
2. Player body shape is crucial, should be in a position to see as much as the field as possible. This promotes good player awareness.
3. Winger should mostly look to shoot inside the far post
4. Striker should always be in a position for a rebound opportunity.

See the book for more 4 more progressions.

Gap Goals for Forward Players (Atletico Mineiro) - Modern Soccer Coaching Tactical book

Modern Soccer Coaching Tactical Book


Description - Extract from "Modern Soccer Coaching Tactical Book"
Three small goals are created at the top of the penalty area using cones. Three attackers keep possession while a forward positions himself behind one of the goals. The attacking team tries to pass the ball to the forward through the goal he is behind. The forward then lays the ball off to an attacking player who has made a run into the penalty area and take a shot on goal.

To develop creating space and attacking play from midfield to forwards.

Coaching Points
1. All players should create space before receiving the ball
2. Quality of passes.
3. Movement to breakdown defence.
4. Defenders - Close down the gaps, balance, recovery runs and defensive lines.
5. Defenders - Transition to counter attack when the ball is won.

1. Forward behind the the 3 goals can look to score himself instead of laying the ball to attacking teammate.
2. Introduce a defender behind the 3 goals.

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  1. hello.thank you for providing this forum.I'm an independent,volunteer youth soccer coach and believe you me,your site has made me reconsider.I'm a taxi driver,will now venture into full-time coaching.I volunteer for/with local schools and street kids rehab centers,hence the need to go for the free stuff.Will purchase drills,technical/yactical once I identify prospective employers.Do you have a center abroad that I can volunteer for?I'm 43,got several local coaching certificates.