Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Improve Turning in a Small Sided Game

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Coach to Improve Turning in a Small Sided Game..

Dear Fellow Coach,

I have used Tactics Manager Software to create a Small Sided Game to develop Turning which is taken from Coaching Mini Soccer book

Coach to Improve Turning in a Small Sided Game

Coaching Mini Soccer Book


Description - Extract from "Coaching Mini Soccer Book"
In this tactical game each team starts with two players in each third, essentially a two v two. The players cannot move from their designated third. Each team can attack both ends and score in either goal. The players in the midfield receive a ball from the coach and twist and turn trying to find a team mate in either end zone who can receive the ball and get in a shot.

Coaching Points
How can we use this end game to help coach our players?
1. Each player needs to tell the player with the ball where they are and where they want the ball. Communication is the key especially when the player with the ball is facing the opposite direction. 2. Can the player with the ball change the direction of the attack. Start attacking one goal then turn and attack the other.

1. For younger players may want to try 1v1 in the 2 ends zones and keep 2v2 in the middle.
2. For more advance players increase the pitch size and try 3v3 in midfield
3. Remove the thirds leaving a standard pitch

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Best Wishes,

Coach George

Director of Coaching Ltd.
UK: +44 208 1234 007
US: +1 305 767 4443

P.S. Download the Small Sided Game to develop Turning which is
taken from Coaching Mini Soccer book from the link below

Coach to Improve Turning in a Small Sided Game


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