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Why Technical Training is so Important
for Player and Team Development...

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Dear Fellow Coach,

Your players need to be technically good before they can progress to tactical practices.

All players need to work on technical aspects especially youth players with the most important attributes being ball control (dribbling, turning etc..), passing and receiving which also develops player awareness when the technical coaching points are coached correctly.

However, just working on technical aspects is not enough, why? They need to perform them technically correct.. so the coaching points you give them is what makes the real difference!

So using Tactics Manager Software I've created 2 technical practices for you that you can use for your sessions.

Coaching Mini Soccer Technical Practice

Coaching Mini Soccer Book

If you read one book make it this one. Very easy to read and follow, logically structured with match related practices linked to conditioned small sided games. Wish this had been written 14 years ago when I first started out.

I have bought 10 copies for our club to issue to our first year coaches/Young Leaders, no higher compliment.
Dk Roche - Level 3 Youth Developemnt

Coaching Mini Soccer - A Tried and Tested Program of Essential Skills and Drills for 5 to 10 year olds

12 dedicated sessions all planned out and ready to use covering all the key aspects of Coaching Mini-Soccer (7v7 and applies to 8v8). The ultimate aim is developing technical academy standard players.

With over 70 interchangeable drills, small-sided games and technical games this book should keep you coaching for years to come.

FACT - eight players in the last three years have been signed by professional clubs through participation in this program.

Our Price: £12.97 GBP / 15 EUR / $19.95 USD
You Save: £3 GBP / 4 EUR / $5 USD

You'll earn 130 Points
Concept 4 Football Technical Practice

Concept 4 Football 3 DVD Set


At West Ham United F.C. we firmly believe that outstanding technical ability is essential for Premiership success. The development in our Academy players technique under Gwynne has been excellent..
Tony Carr – Academy Director West Ham United F.C.

Concept 4 Football 3 DVD Set - A Complete Professional Technical Skills Coaching Program

Concept 4 Football is a professional technical skills coaching programme designed for youth football players by Gwynne Berry. This programme has been successfully developed with Premier League elite academy players and is now being delivered worldwide at grassroots level too!

Learn step-by-step how to develop your players to premier league academy standards

Make a difference to the technical skills of your players development!

Our Price: £49.99 GBP / 55 EUR / $69 USD
You Save: £10 GBP / 15 EUR / $10 USD

You'll earn 500 Points
Coaching Software to Create your Own Sessions
Tactics Manager Software - Create your own Soccer Drills, Tactics and Sessions

Our Price: £49.97 GBP / 55 EUR / $79 USD

You'll earn DOUBLE 1000 Points


Best Wishes,

Coach George

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