Modern Attacking and Goalscoring Finishing Drill

Modern Attacking & Goalscoring
Free Finishing Drill

Dear Fellow Coach,

Using Tactics Manager Software I have created a passing and finishing drill for you that you view and download below.

Passing, Receiving and Finishing - Modern Attacking & Goalscoring Book

Modern Attacking & Goalscoring Book


Description - Extract from "Modern Attacking & Goalscoring Book"
Player 1 plays to player 2 who receives and passes to player 3. Player 3 receives and beats the mannequin finishing with a shot. Player 3 then joins the back of the line. Player 1 moves one position and so does player 2.

To develop passing, receiving and finishing

Coaching Points
1. Player 2 movement must create space by checking away before receiving
2. Quality of movement from player 2 and 3.
3. Technique of dribble and finish.

1. Player 2 sets back to player 1 who then plays to player 3. Player 2 then becomes a defender pressuring player 3.

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