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Dear Fellow Coach,

Barcelona are without doubt the best team in the world right now. One of the main reasons is their ability to keep possession and speed of play. The likes of Xavi and Iniesta posseses great "Player Awareness" qualities which enables them to see opportunities and play quicker!

Paul Scholes, Cesc Fabregas and the young Jack Wilshere are also examples of players that possess great "Player Awareness".

But why is this? One of the main reasons is these players play half-turned on an open body shape which enables them to see things quicker and know what they are going to do before they receive it..

My belief is you can coach this to ALL players and it's really not that difficult at all. So using Tactics Manager Software I've created a Possession & Speed of Play Practice and a Build-up Play, Crossing and Finishing Function.

Possession SSG - Improve Speed of Play

Total Training for Advanced Players Book


Description - Extract from "Total Training for Advanced Players Book"
Mix intermittently every 3-4 minutes with second possession drill below. Basic principles of possession.

In a 40x40 yard square set-up 4 5x5 yard triangles in each corner. Two team of 9 with 2 players from each team start in corner boxes.

With balls at hand, players move, rotate ball scoring points by working from corner player to corner. Must release ball in 3 seconds or possession goes to other team.

To Develop possession and speed of play in a Small Sided Game.

Coaching Points
1. Open body shape to receive.
2. Take a look before you receive - HAVE A PICTURE, early decisions.
3. Movement to support player in possession.
4. Quality of passing, weight and accuracy. Movement to receive should be early and dynamic.

1. Cannot play to the same player who passed you the ball.

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Finishing from Crosses in a Functional Practice

Modern Attacking and Goalscoring book


Description - Extract from "Modern Attacking and Goalscoring Book"
The Coach begins each phase of play by passing to ANY player of the attacking team. The pitch is split into 3 zones. Only the LM and LB can enter the left wing zone and same with RM and RB for right wing zone.

4 Defenders play in the central zone and attempt to close down the 5 attackers. If they win the ball they can score through the 2 counter goals positioned on the half-way line. Encourage players to use the unopposed wing zones. Goals can only be scored from a cross - directly or indirectly.

To develop, passing, combination player, attacking from wide areas and finishing from crosses.

Coaching Points
1. Observe the build up play and efficiency of movement.
2. Open up body to see the WHOLE PICTURE, all players..
3. Players should create space before receiving the ball.
4. Good timing of runs is CRUCIAL - Not too early or late

1. Add additional central defender to mark the opposing two forwards.
2. Allow goals to be scored from open play - any zone but if scored from wing zones, goals count as 2.

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  1. hi avein just seen the function finishing from crosses ave u got any in quickplay fron interception in a fp or defending in central area in a pop