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Dear Fellow Coach,

FC Porto won the Europa League Cup with coach "André Villas-Boas" at just 33 years of age, he's youngest ever to win the trophy. What an outstanding achievement.

André Villas-Boas started his coaching career at FC Porto in the mid 90's under the guidance of the late Sir Bobby Robson and then as the assistant coach to Jose Mourinho in 2002, at Chelsea and then Inter Milan.

Looking at FC Porto's academy end of season results this year looks impressive from U11-U19.

So Using Tactics Manager Software I've created one of the FC Porto Academy practices within the WCC Publications called "Pro Youth Academies" working on Attacking and Forward Rubs in a SSG

In addition, we have just added another 137 pages to the WCC Member Drills Database. This includes 75 complete training sessions for U16. Obviously these sessions can be altered to suit other age groups.

You can download the practice together with training notes in PDF format below.

FC Porto Academy Attacking and Forward Runs SSG
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    Best Wishes,

    Coach George

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    P.S. You can download the FC Porto Academy practice together with training notes in PDF format below:

    FC Porto Academy Attacking and Forward Runs SSG

    P.P.S. Get complete access 24/7 to the world's largest searchable and printable database of drills, tactics and complete training sessions.

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