Three Dimensional Soccer Training

"Are You Training Your Players Effectively?"

Would you like to be a more complete coach and conduct training sessions
like professional coaches in Holland, Italy, Spain, Germany and Brazil?

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Dear Fellow Coach,

Would you like to learn how to be more efficient in your coaching and gain a greater understanding of a training approach that is used by top coaches around the world?

There are many good coaches who don't understand how or when to deliver instruction to players. They understand the game, but they are not sure how to teach the big picture.

Three-Dimensional Soccer Training is a unique NEW approach to structuring your training sessions that will dramatically improve how you perform on the training field.

What is Three-Dimensional Soccer Training?

Three-Dimensional Soccer Training will help you to understand how to train players for positional roles and within your preferred system of play. The practices move from simple to complex sessions that build on each other throughout the season. Three-Dimensional Soccer Training will show you how to structure your sessions like building blocks to teaching players more comprehensively?

This NEW book has over 225 pages, and is filled with easy-to-read diagrams that will show you the following: View and download the sample below.

Positional Pattern Passing Practice - Three Dimensional Soccer Training
Three Dimensional Soccer Training


Tony Carr

Robert Podeyn has almost 30 years of practical coaching experience at every level of soccer from youth to adult professional.

He holds professional licenses from the USSF (National 'A' License), the NSCAA (National Youth License and National GK License), UEFA (Coaching Certificate) and English Football Association (Preliminary Badge and Coaching Certificate). He has completed coaching clinics and collaborated with AFC Ajax and Vitesse Arnhem in Holland, Clube Atletico Mineiro in Brazil and ACF Fiorentina in Italy. He is a highly respected author and coach.

Progressive Training - You will learn a model of training sessions that goes from simple to complex. And how each session builds throughout an entire season.

Specific Training - Specific Training is about being able to build your momentum as a coach. Your coaching points begin simple, but then progress to more complex points as you progress in the session.

Positional Training - This book will show you how to build positional roles and understanding into every drill from the very first session. Players will learn what their roles are in certain positions beginning with the warm-up and progressing through the entire training sessions.

System Training - Have a focus with every drill and every session. Learn how you can begin to teach your system from the very first session. Make teaching a system fun and easy within every exercise you present.

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Is Three-Dimensional Soccer Training a new method?

Here is how Podeyn describes Three-Dimensional Soccer Training.

One of the philosophies I have found in my travels to many countries that has been very successful is something I have molded in my own style of coaching. It is not a new concept that I have created, but one that is very evident in player development in countries across the world.

It is the concept that every aspect of your training must tie in your immediate philosophy for the team and its objectives in the game. I call this concept Three-Dimensional Training. When we train and develop players we tend to look at one or two dimensions of the game.

3-Dimensional Training means that you are incorporating every aspect of the game into every drill or exercise you perform. This is different than the concept promoted by US Soccer called Economical Training. Economical Training is where you incorporate more than one theme or concept into your sessions (i.e. you are focusing on 1st touch receiving, but it also allows you to work on proper passing to make sure passes are weighted properly).

Three-Dimensional Training is where you focus on every aspect of the game while also focusing on your philosophy and the approach you want to take in every game.

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The bottom line is, we as coaches are always in a constant battle to continue learning as the game and players change and evolve. We are constantly looking for new training elements that will make us better coaches and make our teams and players more successful.

Three-Dimensional Soccer Training will give you another outlook when creating your training sessions. It will make you a more complete coach, a better coach, and your teams and players more successful.

Best Wishes,

Coach George

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Printed Book Version eBook Version:
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