Monday, 24 October 2011

Build-Up Play with Third-Man Run - Overlap

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4 New Coaching Book Categories Added..

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Dear Fellow Coach,

To make it quicker and easier for you to
find what you want, we have added four
new Coaching Book categories:

4 New Coaching Book categories
  1. Academy Coaching
  2. Pro Coaching
  3. Passing and Possession
  4. Conditioning
1. Academy Coaching Books
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2. Pro Coaching Books
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3. Passing and Possession Books
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4. Conditioning Books
Italian Academy Training Sessions:

Includes 24 Football Specific Conditioning Practices
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Build-Up Play With Third-Man Run/Overlap - Team Organization Book

Team Organization - Building a Successful Soccer Team Book


Best Wishes,

Coach George

Director of Coaching Ltd.
UK: +44 208 1234 007
US: +1 305 767 4443

P.S. You can download practice below. just click the following link:

Build-Up Play With Third-Man Run/Overlap - Team Organization Book


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