Build Play and Attacking SSG

Improve Build Up Play and Attacking in a SSG..

FREE NEC Nijmegen Academy Practice Below..

Dear Fellow Coach,

The last week, there have been many new practices uploaded by myself and other members to Total Team Manager.

Using Tactics Manager Software v1.7, I uploaded a great Attacking Small Sided Game for you by NEC Academy taken from WCC Online Magazine Nov 2010 Issue..

You can view and download the practice and in PDF format below.

NEC Nijmegen Academy Attacking Small Sided Game

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Best Wishes,

Coach George

Director of Coaching Ltd.
UK: +44 208 1234 007
US: +1 305 767 4443

P.S. You can download the NEC Nijmegen Academy practice together with training notes in PDF format below:

NEC Nijmegen Academy Attacking Small Sided Game

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