Balance Agility and Coordination Drill

"Balance, Agility and Coordination" Drill
Ideal for Pre-Season Training Program

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Dear Fellow Coach,

Balance training/technique is often neglected however in Football it is very important, the better the players balance, the better their overall technique and ball control.

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Balance, Agility and Coordination Training Exercise

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Coordination Training for Soccer - Balance DVD - The Key to Perfect Ball Control

"If your players have problems with balance then they will have problems with the ball!"

This DVD shows exercises, that allow the players to improve their body control while executing soccer techniques.

They will learn to adapt their posture depending on different situations, win tackles and reduce the amount of falls and injuries.

They will learn to perfect their soccer technique.

Runtime: 78 mins
Region: PAL - Region Free, works on ALL standalone DVD players, PC's and MAC's
Age Group suitable for: from age U10+

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P.S. Learn Coordination and Balance Training for Soccer - The Key to Perfect Ball Control:

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