Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Pass and Move 6 v 6 - Small Sided Game

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Complimentary Practice 4 of 5
"Improve Passing and Movement off the Ball"

View the Small Sided Game Now..

Dear Fellow Coach,

In the 4th part of this session, Richard Seedhouse has uploaded the practice:
"Pass and Move 6 v 6 - Small Sided Game".

Pass and Move 4 v 2 - Drill
Pass and Move: Play Wide with Overlap - Functional Practice
Pass and Move: Playing through the Middle - Functional Practice
Pass and Move 6 v 6 - Small Sided Game
Pass and Move out Wide and Through the Middle - Phase of Play

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Pass and Move 6 v 6 - Small Sided Game
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What Topics are Included in Coaching The Coach 2 Book
  • Combination Play to Finish - Formation Shooting - Small Sided Game
  • Strikers Movement and Receiving - Strikers Movement - Phase of Play
  • Playing through the Middle - Target Man - Drill
  • Playing out Wide - 2 v 2 Crossing Functional Practice
  • Dribbling - Dribbling Opportunities - Phase of Play
  • Switching Play - 6 v 5 Switching Play - Phase of Play
  • Defending - Counter Attacking - Small Sided Game
  • Match Analysis - Passing Options - Small Sided Game
  • Plus a lot more - Click See Full Book Contents
Coaching The Coach 2 - Soccer Coach Development through
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Coaching The Coach 2 - Soccer Coach Development through Functional Practices, Phase of Plays and Small Sided Games Book

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This book provides coaching awareness and the realisation of how you can manipulate and adapt practices to coach and improve your players.

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