Intense Pressing 2 v 4 Transition Game

Complementary Football Conditioning Practice:
"Intense Pressing (2 v 4) in a 3 Team Transition Game"

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The following samples are taken from the new books:
Football Conditioning: A Modern Scientific Approach - Speed & Agility | Injury Prevention | Periodization Training | Small Sided Games

by Dr Adam Owen who is a World Leading UEFA Pro Licence, Sport Science and Fitness Coach for Wales National Team & Benfica.

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Intense Pressing (2 v 4) in a 3 Team Transition Game
Football Conditioning - SSG
Football Conditioning Books

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Latest Reviews
excellent books
"Two excellent books that I would highly recommend for all soccer coaches . Drills and the articles written are easy to understand. Regards"
Very detailed
"These two books are based on decades of solid research. They are not just books based on opinions, but facts. Exercises are included to make the reader understand more the concept of conditioning and how it can enhance a team's performance to play high level football throughout the season."
A modern coaches definite
"A fantastic addition to my library, well presented, clear and concise. A modern coaches definite.."
Very informative
"A very informative set of books that leaves no stone unturned in detailing all the modern football techniques within fitness and tactics. Highly recommended for experienced coaches and beginners alike"
One of my favourite books
"Adam is a fantastic professional, and in this book put is vision about the combination of scientific and the practice. Is one of my favourite book. Recommended for all how work in soccer."
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Book 1: Fitness Training | Speed & Agility | Injury Prevention:
Football Conditioning: A Modern Scientifc Approach
  • 196 Pages
  • 51 Topics
  • 24 Practices
  • 24 Exercises
  • U15-Pro Level

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Topic Examples:

  • Total Distance Covered in High-Intensity Running
  • The Different Physical Demands for Different Playing Positions
  • Strategies to Improve Running Economy
  • Repeated Sprint Ability (RSA)
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Injury Prevention Techniques Used in Football
  • Training Load Management: Reducing the Risk of Injury

Practices including:

  • Coordination and Agility with One-Two Combination Warm Up
  • Quick Reactions and Changes of Direction in a Speed Exercise
  • Speed Endurance and Explosive Power in an Attacking Combination with Finishing
  • Speed Endurance in a Quick Break Away Functional Practice With Finishing
Book 2: Periodization | Seasonal Training | Small Sided Games:
Football Conditioning: A Modern Scientifc Approach
  • 156 Pages
  • 79 Topics
  • 30 Practices
  • U15-Pro Level

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Topic Examples:

  • Training Periodization and Fatigue Management in Football
  • Effect of Interval Training on Physical Fitness and Fatigue
  • Intermittent (Stop-Start) Exercises
  • Training Principles / Methods
  • Repeated Sprint Ability: Recommendations for Training
  • Physiology of Small Sided Games Training in Football
  • Periodization of Small Sided Games

Practices including:

  • Continuous High Intensity 3 v 3 Duels
  • High Intensity Pressing and Quick Shooting in a 4 v 4 Attack vs Defence Practice
  • End to End Possession and Intense Pressing (3 v 7) in a Transition Game
  • Pressing to Win the Ball Back Quickly in an 8 v 4 Transition Game
  • Quick Break Attacks in a 3 Team Small Sided Game
What People say about Adam Owen Ph.D:
Walter Smith

Walter Smith OBE (Former Rangers FC Manager):

‘’Coaches, at a range of levels, will enjoy the content of this book and be able to integrate the key findings into their training. Maximising the link between the technical, tactical and physical aspect of the game has seen an increased use of technology, analysis and specific personnel to ensure performance levels are maximised, and player injury is minimised. As a result, this book encapsulates these topics and highlights the fact that Adam is one of the most innovative performance coaches, underpinning sound football specific practice with scientific knowledge.’’

Adam Ramsey

Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal FC and Wales):

‘‘Having known and worked with Adam for many years at International level, he is someone I enjoy working with and I have benefited in many areas of my game due to his methods and knowledge. I look forward to working with him for many years to come.’’

Steven Davis

Steven Davis (Southampton FC and Northern Ireland Captain):

‘‘Adam and I worked together for many years during a significant and successful part of my career. His knowledge in his specialised area, and the philosophy he implemented from a science and performance aspect within the club (Rangers FC) was excellent. As a result, it led to an improvement in me as a professional.’’

Prof. Del P. Wong

Prof. Del P. Wong (Football Science Researcher):

‘‘Adam’s main strength is the ability to link cutting edge science to the on-field performance to stimulate a different thought process as highlighted throughout this book. Attaining the UEFA Pro Coaching Licence and a Ph.D degree, is a rare but very impressive combination which make him very unique in our field. The information provided within this book highlights the link between the science and on-pitch coaching.’’

Meet the Coach & Author
Dr. Adam Owen

Dr. Adam Owen

Currently the Wales National Team Sport Science and Fitness Coach, Football Research Scientist Consultant at SL Benfica (Portugal), Assistant Coach and Head of Performance at Servette FC (Switzerland) and Associate Research Scientist at Claude Bernard Lyon.1 University (France).

Previous positions have included the Head of Fitness and Performance at Sheffield United FC (England), Head of Sport Science and Performance at Rangers FC (Scotland), Head of Fitness and Science at Sheffield Wednesday FC (England), Head of Sport Science at Celtic FC Academy (Scotland) and Technical and Fitness Coach at Wrexham FC Academy (Wales).

  • UEFA Professional Coaching Licence
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Sport and Exercise Science
Meet the Assistant Author
Alexandre Dellal

Dr. Alexandre Dellal

Dr. Alexandre Dellal is one of the most highly regarded football research scientists within the game. He is currently Head of Physical Preparation at French Ligue 1 side OGC Nice, whilst also holding a research position at FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence, Centre Orthop├ędique Santy in Lyon, France

He was previously at Olympique Lyonnais as Head of Physical Preparation and has also worked at International level with the Ivory Coast National team throughout their successful African Cup of Nations period. A very active researcher in the field of sport and football science, he has numerous scientific journal publications, books and on-going research projects.

  • UEFA A Coaching Licence (French Football Federation [F.F.F], Clairefontaine)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Sport Science
Football Conditioning: A Modern Scientific Approach 2 Book Set - Speed & Agility | Injury Prevention | Periodization Training | Small Sided Games
Football Conditioning: A Modern Scientific Approach Your Chance to Learn from a World Leading UEFA Pro Licence, Sport Science and Fitness Coach.

Apply Modern Coaching Methods and Football Science Principles to Develop your Players All Season Round.

130 Topics     Level U15-Pro     54 Practices     24 Exercises

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