3 Transition and Fast Break Attacking Practices

3 Transition & Fast Break Attacking Practices

Fast Attack from the Back, Centre and Finishing

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Today I have included 3 transition & attacking practices taken from 3 bestselling books that you can use for your sessions.

3 Practices

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Fast Transition to Attack from the Back by Exploiting Space in Behind in a 3 Zone SSG
Pressing High Up the Pitch and Fast Break Attacks
Coaching Transitional Play

Maintaining Possession in the Centre with Quick Break Attack and Finishing
Coaching Positional Play Expanisve Football Tactics
Coaching Positional Play

Attack v Defence Practice: 6 v 2 (+3 Recovering Players)
Pressing from the Front with the Forwards in a Dynamic Game
Coaching Combination Play

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Marcelo Bielsa - Coaching Build Up Play Against High Pressing Teams
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"Many ideas for build up, if you like all possession from backs to forwards. It gives me inspiration for my football philosophy. Thanks"
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Marcelo Bielsa Tactics
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