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2 Practices - Passing Combinations and Transition from Attack to Defence Rondos

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Spanish Football Federation Coaching Program:
2 Practices to Develop: "Passing Combinations and Transition from Attack to Defence Rondos"

Hi Coach,

Today I have included another 2 Practice Samples from our brand new book which is aimed at U9-12 years however many practices can be adapted for older and/or more advanced players.

2 Complimentary Practices

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One-Two Passing Combinations at Different Angles
Spanish Football Federation Practice
Coaching Transitional Play
Transition from Attack to Defence in Simultaneous 4 v 1 Rondos
Spanish Football Federation Practice
Eduardo Valcárcel
Learn to develop your players the "Spanish way" with 96 Practices from the official coaching program of the Spanish Football Federation
Spanish Football Federation Coaching Program U9-12
  • 136 Pages
  • 96 Practices
  • U9-12 Level

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The Spanish Football Federation Coaching Program U9-12 book in FULLCOLOUR provides a program of 96 practices from top coaches at the Spanish FA (RFEF) which outline the Spanish football model. The focus is on developing young players to a high technical level using a ball in all the sessions, from beginning to end.

This official RFEF book is written by Eduardo Valcárcel, the Director of the Spanish Football Federation Coaching School. He has used his experience to provide a full program of technical and tactical practices which are ideal for coaches at youth level, who want to develop their players and teams to world leading Spanish standards.

There are 11 essential topics:

  • Running with the Ball at Speed
  • Dribbling Past Opponents and 1 v 1 Duels
  • Duels (2v1, 2v2, 3v1, 3v2, 3v3)
  • Passing
  • Rondos
  • Possession Games
  • Heading
  • Finishing
  • Attacking Combination Play
  • Tactical Development
  • Circuits

There are 96 practices including:

  • Exploring “Opening Up” to Receive & One-Touch Passing
  • Rotation of the Midfield 3 in a Pass & Move Practice
  • Exploring the Third Man Run & the Classic One-Two Combination
  • Playing Through the Thirds with Two-Way Pressure in a Zonal Possession Game
  • Switching Play to Create Goal Chances in a Small Sided Game
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eBook Version Also Available
Foreword by Vicente Del Bosque
Vicente Del Bosque

I think this book can be considered a prize for the years of work done by professionals working in the Football Schools of the RFEF (Spanish Football Federation). All of them are very good coaches, but what is more important in my point of view, is that they are great educators.

I have the opportunity to see the work that is done with the children in the schools of the RFEF live. I am proud to observe the treatment of the students. As well as teaching them all the technical skills they need and how to position themselves on the pitch, they are instilled in the values of fellowship, teamwork, discipline, and respect for their coach, teammates and opponents.

Vicente Del Bosque

  • World Cup Winners 2010 - Spain National Team
  • 3 European Championship Winners 2012 - Spain National Team
  • 2 x UEFA Champions League - Real Madrid
  • 2 x UEFA Champions League - Real Madrid
  • Eduardo Valcárcel - Director of the Spanish FF Coaching School
    Eduardo Valcárcel

    I am the Director of the School of the Real Federación Española de Fútbol (Spanish Football Federation). For many years, I have had the great dream of creating a book to include all of our football practices we use at the Spanish Football Federation. It has not been an easy task, because in it I wanted to capture the work of many coaches who, with love and dedication, give every day, so that the children can progress and learn in the best way possible.

    The Football School of the Spanish Federation currently has more than 800 students aged between 4 and 15 years old. We take into account the application of the methodology of learning by age, so that the child ends up being an athlete and a professional football player.

    Throughout the season, we practice these exact types of activities, because we consider it fundamental that the children learn and understand the practices perfectly, and little by little, work on variations that make them more difficult, forcing them to strive for the perfect execution.

    One hundred percent of the work done today, is undoubtedly one of the great and most profitable changes of all these years in football. Developing players need to train while always using the ball - with it the work will always be much better and more fruitful. This is my best advice, to always have players using a ball in your sessions from beginning to end, for all practices.

    Spanish Football Federation Coaching Program U9-12
    Creative Attacking Play

    Learn to develop your players the "Spanish way" with 96 Practices from the official coaching program of the Spanish Football Federation

    Level U9-12    136 Pages    96 Practices

  • Paperback COLOUR
  • eBook: PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire
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    eBook Version Also Available:

    Best Wishes,

    Coach George
    Director of Coaching
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