Pre-Season Training Practices - Fitness Periodization, Conditioning with a Ball, from Top UEFA Pro & A Coaches

Pre-Season Training Practices and Exclusive Offer...
Fitness Periodization, Conditioning with a Ball, from Top UEFA Pro & A Coaches...

Dr. Adam Owen
Dr Adam Owen
UEFA Pro | Ph.D Sport Science

Javier Mallo
Javier Mallo
UEFA A | Ph.D Sport Science

Fernando Gaspar
Fernando Gaspar
UEFA A and B.Sc. Sport Science

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Football Conditioning: A Modern Scientific Approach 2 Book Set - Speed & Agility | Injury Prevention | Periodization Training | Small Sided Games
(35 Reviews)
"Two excellent books that I would highly recommend for all coaches. Drills and the articles written are easy to understand. "
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Football Conditioning - SSG

German Version | Spanish Version

Periodization Fitness Training - A Revolutionary Football Conditioning Program
(40 Reviews)
"I have found this book excellent and using to very good effect in our Training Sessions each and every week. I work with Elite ( U19 ) Youth Players and while it's hard work they also enjoy."
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Periodization Fitness Transition Training Sample

Advanced Spanish Academy Coaching - 120 Technical, Tactical and Conditioning Practices from Top Spanish Coaches

Includes 50 Conditioning Practices

(22 Reviews)
"Another great addition to the Spanish training methodology, but with and added bonus of fitness conditioning. Highly recommend this book!"
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Full Season Academy Training Program U9-15 Book Set - 88 Sessions (440 Practices)

Includes 100+ Conditioning Practices

(29 Reviews)
"Fantastic books with clear and concise training programs for an entire season. The progression of the plans from beginning to end of season really help with our team's performance, and keeps our training sessions flowing."
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