Liverpool Academy Passing Drill

Liverpool Academy Drill to Help you Develop
Passing, Movement and Quick Play..

Dear Fellow Coach,

I have used Tactics Manager Software to create a passing drill by Phil Roscoe - Liverpool
Academy Coach which is taken from Modern Combination Play Book

Below you can download a free sample below.

Modern Combination Play Drill

Play book

Modern Combination Play book has more than 80 drills and small sided games
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Modern Combination Play book Brazilian Soccer Academy 2-Book Set
Focuses on passing,
receiving and possession

which will enable you to
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team to create goal
scoring opportunities while
playing attacking,
attractive, free flowing
How the top Brazilian
Youth Academies
their players - Drill and SSGs
Vol.1 U8-U12
Vol. U13 to U18.

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Best Wishes,

Coach George

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P.S. You can download the passing drill by Phil Roscoe - Liverpool Academy Coach
from the following link:
Modern Combination Play Drill


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  1. Hello THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP THIS HAS HELPED MY TEAM COMETS U10s its the best web site i have seen ....regards adie