4 Drills from Goalkeeper Training Program Book

Goalkeeper Training Program Book
4 New Drill Samples:
1. Technical Skills with Feet
Technical Skills with Feet
2. Footwork
Footwork GK Drill
3. Parrying
Parrying Drill
4. High Balls
High Balls Game
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A proven program to create better, all round Goalkeepers at every level
Goalkeeper Training Program
  • 148 Pages
  • 120 Drills
  • U10-Pro Level
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Maarten Arts (UEFA A Coaching Licence) has many years of coaching experience at the elite level all around the world and has created a full blueprint of 120 Drills to produce top class Goalkeepers.

Who is this book for?

  1. Goalkeeper coaches that want proven drills to develop Goalkeepers to a high level
  2. All coaches and/or assistants to learn how to coach Goalkeepers

120 Drills in the following:

    1. Catching
    2. Falling
    3. Diving
    4. Punching
    5. Parrying
    6. High Balls
    7. One v One
    8. Technical Skills with the Feet
    9. Footwork
    10. Distribution
    11. Drills with Outfield Players
    12. Goalkeeper Games

Drill Topics include:

  • Catching and Awareness Drill
  • Fast Reactions and Turning + Falling Save
  • Diving and Pushing the Ball Away from Danger
  • Quick Footwork and Punching the Ball Over the Crossbar
  • Quick Side-steps, Dive High and Parry Away in a Dynamic Goalkeeper Circuit
  • Continuous High Ball Catches from Different Angles
  • "Block Position" in a 1 v 1 Situation using Mini Goals
  • One-Two Combinations with Short and Long Passing
  • Speed and Coordination Training with a Ladder + Catch and Throw
  • Short and Long Distribution in a Circuit Points Game
  • 4 v 1 / 8 v 2 Rondos with the Goalkeeper/s in the Middle
  • End to End 2 Zone Rebounder Game
Maarten Arts - Author & UEFA 'A' Licence Coach
Maarten Arts

Maarten Arts

I am proud to present this Goalkeeper Training Program. Through many years coaching all around the world, I have created a full blueprint of 120 Drills to produce top class Goalkeepers.

This training program has proved to create better, all round Goalkeepers at every level, from juniors up to top-level international Goalkeepers. This book is not only about reproducing the drills in it, but it should also inspire you to create your own drills in the image of this program.

  • Royal Union Saint Gilloise (Belgium) Goalkeeping Coach (2018 - Present)
  • Al Wahda (Abu Dhabi) Head Goalkeeping Coach (2017 - 2018)
  • Wadi Degla FC (Egypt) Head Goalkeeping Coach (2015 - 2017)
  • Lierse SK (Belgium) Goalkeeping Coach (2014 - 2015)
  • Saudi Arabia National Team Goalkeeping Coach (2013 - 2014)
  • Umm Salal (Qatar) Goalkeeping Coach (2010 - 2013)
  • FC Utrecht Goalkeeping Coach (1998 - 2009)
Goalkeeper Training Program - 120 Drills to Produce Top Class Goalkeepers
Goalkeeper Training Program

A proven program with 120 drills to create better, all round Goalkeepers at every level.

Level U10-Pro  120 Practices

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