Monday, 7 June 2010

2nd half Selection Final Warm up Game

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Latest reported by Coach Richard Seedhouse:

2nd Half - Green (GK) Carragher (RB) Upson (CB) Dawson (CB) Warnock LB) Lennon (RM) Carrick (CM) Milner (CM) J.Cole (LM) Rooney (CF) Heskey (CF)

Is it a combination for the game against USA?

1st Half - Back four to start and central midfielders, 2nd half wide midfield and both forwards?

Team would then be - question over keeper but i guess - Green (GK) Johnson (RB) King (CB) Terry (CB) A.Cole (LB) Lennon (RM) Gerrard (CM) Lampard (CM) J.Cole LM) Rooney (CF) Heskey (CF)

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