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Modern Soccer Tactics, and the Importance of Fullbacks...

4-4-2 4-4-2 vs 4-3-3 4-2-3-1

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Creating 1v1s on the Flanks - Champions League Tactics Book

Champions League
Tactics Book


Description - Extract from "Champions League Tactics Book"
This is a trend for modern soccer and champions league teams are no exception. The tactical importance of overlapping fullbacks has increased especially against compact teams. Having more quality players into attack is vital. This is a new and evolving role expected of wide defenders. They do not just defend, but are among the first to start their teams attack. The above is a classic and simple example - Creating 1v1s on the Flanks when having difficulty attacking Centrally.

Coaching Points
1. Receiving player should run or dribble inside to create the space on the flank
2. Overlapping full back should communicate with the receiving player i.e. when to release the ball
3. As the team create the overlap, secondary movement with runs into the box is vital

1. Use the overlapping full back as a decoy and make a cross field pass, switch play or through ball for striker

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