NEC Nijmegen Academy Training Game

NEC Nijmegen Academy Functional Training

Free Sample Download and Available in the latest WCC Magazine Issue
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Dear Fellow Coach,

Using Tactics Manager Software I've created just one of NEC Nijmegen Academy Sessions -
taken from the latest WORLD CLASS COACHING Magazine Nov/Dec 2010 Issue.

You can download the Session together with training notes in PDF format below.

NEC Nijmegen Academy Functional Training Game

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Other Topics in this Nov/Dec 2010 Issue
  • Thailand National Team - Full Field Sessions Part 2 (9 Practices)
  • NEC Nijmegen Academy - Functional Training (4 practices)
  • Technical Development - Controlling Balls in the Air (6 Practices)
  • Formation Based Training - Book Excerpt (4 practices + In depth Tactical Description)
  • USYS National Champion - Technical Dev + Possession (9 practices)
  • FineSoccer - Competitive Atmosphere - (5 practices)
  • Becoming a Great Striker - Part 1 - How to Develop Strikers (5 practices)

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Best Wishes,

Coach George

Director of Coaching Ltd.
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P.S. You can download the NEC Nijmegen Academy practice together with training notes in PDF format below:

NEC Nijmegen Academy Functional Training Game

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  1. Thanks for the session that you have sent as it is going to help me show my players of how to disconnect the opponents,by stretching them to the wings