FC Barcelona Playing Out from the Back vs 4-4-2

FC Barcelona Tactical Game Situation:
"Playing Out from the Back Against the 4-4-2"

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Dear Fellow Coach,

Why is it that FC Barcelona seem to have so many playing options?

There are a few reasons, but here we show one of them. Our example shows the tactics Pep Guardiola uses when playing against the 4-4-2.

Pep plays with 3 defenders allowing one defender (Alves) to push up and help create superiority in midfield.

This enables Barca to always have extra playing options, which is one of the reason why they can play out from the back with such ease..

Using Tactics Manager Software v1.7, I uploaded the tactical game situation for you to view and download from your Total Team Manager account.

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FC Barcelona - Playing Out from the Back Against the 4-4-2

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What's Included in the ATTACKING Part of this Book
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Athanasios Terzis

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    P.S. You can view, print and download the tactical game situation by logging into your Total Team Manager account, just click the link below:

    FC Barca - Playing Out from the Back Against the 4-4-2


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