FC Barcelona - Pressing to Regain Possession

FC Barca Tactical Game Situation:
"Pressing to Regain Possession High up the Pitch"

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Dear Fellow Coach,

FC Barcelona have just got to another Copa del Ray Cup Final after beating Valencia 2-0 on Wednesday in the semi-final second leg.

Having watched the game, it is incredible to see the way Barca apply pressure.

Barcelona always commit players high up the pitch to press the opposition, often regaining possession and making an easy transition to attack.

I have taken a similar game situation from the new FC Barcelona: A Tactical Analysis Attacking and Defending Books and uploaded it to Total Team Manager.

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Using Tactics Manager Software v1.7, I uploaded the tactical game situation for you to view and download from your Total Team Manager account.

To view and download the practice click on the images or links below.

FC Barcelona - Pressing to Regain Possession High up the Pitch
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Best Wishes,

Coach George

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P.S. You can view, print and download the tactical game situation by logging into your Total Team Manager account, just click the link below:

FC Barca - Pressing to Regain Possession High up the Pitch


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