New Tactics Manager Software v1.8

Dear Fellow Coach,

Tactics Manager Software v1.8 has been released with new features to make it even quicker and easier to use. See the new featues below and View the Video Demo Now..

New Improved Updates - Tactics Manager v1.8
Improved file and folder management
  • Now its quicker and easier to save your files
  • Quicker and easier to manage your files and folders into your chosen folder categories
  • Creating sub-categories is also a breeze now
Order objects to front and back
  • Now you can layer all objects (players, equipment and tools) to appear just how you want.
    For example; want the ball to appear behind the player, just select the ball and press the "Send to Back" button
Layout improvement: even quicker to use
  • Changes to the right menu and the equipment objects will make it a lot quicker to use

Download Latest Version Now  Windows PC Version:
Win XP, VISTA, Win 7
Download Latest Version Now  MAC Version:
All Mac OS Compatible
Tactics Manager 1.8 Video Demo

Download Latest Version Now  Windows PC Version:
Win XP, VISTA, Win 7
Download Latest Version Now  MAC Version:
All Mac OS Compatible
Excellent Software
c"A purchased the software about 9 months ago and have found this a key part in my coaching. Great for creating different sessions for any coach working within football. Also very user friendly and simple to use. Excellent product."
Reviewer: Thomas McGrail from Sheffield, England
Tactics Manager is One of the Best
"I have recently tried a few different computer applications to allow me to create, save and print soccer drills and layouts. Tactics Manager is far and away the best product I have used... There is no competition. Thanks for a great product!"
Reviewer: Kit from Woodland Hills, CA United States
"I´m happy with this product. It´s very useful for me. Helps a lot in my work. Thanks."
Reviewer: Mario Pobersnik from Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Argentina
Tactics Manager
"Excellent piece of software, very user friendly and very practical coaching aid I have recommended it to a number of other coaches."
Reviewer: Luke Hardy from Dublin, Dublin Republic of Ireland
"Thanks for the super help. Soccer Drill with TM, I can represent my exercises quickly and professionally. Best regards from Switzerland."
Reviewer: Adriano Bottoni from Domat/Ems, GR Switzerland
Superb easy to use software
"Tactics manager software is now part of our Centre of Excellence coaching programme. This superb easy to use software has given us another coaching tool which improves players learning and game understanding. We have used this programme to improve players understanding of tactics, set pieces and skill based drills. A must for all football clubs."
Reviewer: Terry Harvey - Centre of Excellence Director (UK), Coventry City Ladies FCs
Simple, fast and a very effective coaching tool

"Tactics Manager Software is a simple, fast and a very effective coaching tool.. TMS has enabled me to produce bespoke coaching diagrams for my coaching books such as "Coaching Mini Soccer". I would recommend Tactics Manager Software as a professional tool with grassroots ease of use and price."
Reviewer: Richard Seedhouse - UEFA B Coach
Author of the No 1 best seller "Coaching Mini Soccer" Book

Slick in the design stage making it a workable solution

"As a coach of a non-league step 2 club, my time and that of the players is paramount. In the past I have experimented with coaching software but found it to be slower and more cumbersome than pen and paper and so ultimately reverted back. Soccer Tutor is different as it is more straight forward and slicker in the design stage and this makes it a workable solution for me. On the occasions I have needed support it has been of the highest quality and the system, though already excellent evolves continuously. I shall recommend it. Well done George & Co."
Reviewer: Martin Ireland - UEFA 'B' Licensed Coach (UK)

Download Latest Version Now  Windows PC Version:
Win XP, VISTA, Win 7
Download Latest Version Now  MAC Version:
All Mac OS Compatible

Best Wishes,

Coach George

Director of Coaching Ltd.
UK: +44 208 1234 007
US: +1 305 767 4443

P.S. View the video of the New Tactics Manager v1.8 now. click on the link below:

View the Video Demo Now..

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