Real Madrid Tactical Game Situation

Real Madrid Tactical Game Situation:
"Receiving in the 'Passing Lane' - Drop Deep and Timing the Pass and Runs in Behind the Defence"

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Dear Fellow Coach,
Having seen Real Madrid beat Mallorca 5-0 the other night, I thought it was a good time give you a typical Real Madrid pattern of play.
They are taken from the Jose Mourinho's Real Madrid: A Tactical Analysis - Attacking and Defending Books which are due to be released very soon.. So this gives you a sneak preview..

So using Tactics Manager Software v1.9, (also due for release soon) I uploaded the tactical game situation for you to view and download below:
Jose Mourinho's Real Madrid - Receiving in the 'Passing Lane'
This gives you a unique opportunity to use the same 4-2-3-1
pattern of plays that Jose Mourinho's used for his winning
Real Madrid team.. Integrate them into your sessions Now!

This Attacking and Defending
2-book set includes:

  • Pages: 530
  • Diagrams: 681
  • Coaching Topics: 234
  • Printed: B/W

What's Included in the ATTACKING Part of this Book
  • 3 Stages of the Build up & the Target Areas
  • Movement with and without the Ball
  • Retaining Possession in the Central Zone
  • Central Midfield Passing Options
  • Switching Play
  • Passing Combinations after Long Pass
  • Transition from Defense to Attack
  • Counter Attacking
  • Plus a lot more - Click See Full Book Contents
What's Included in the DEFENDING Part of this Book
  • Strategies used to counter specific formations
    (the 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3, 4-3-2-1, and the 5-4-1).
  • Goal Side Marking and Tracking Runs: Providing Security
  • Pressure, Cover, Support and Pressing
  • Closing Passing Options inside: Forcing Play down the Line
  • Defending from set-pieces
  • Plus a lot more - Click to see Full Book Contents
Meet the Author
Athanasios Terzis

Athanasios Terzis

  • UEFA 'B' coaching licence

  • M.Sc. certification in coaching & conditioning

  • I played for several teams in Greek professional leagues. At the age of 29 stopped playing and focused on studying football coaching. I have been head coach of several semi-pro football teams in Greece and worked as a technical director in the Academies of DOXA Dramas (Greek football league, 2nd division).
    I wrote and published three books. My third book, ‘FC Barcelona, A Tactical Analysis’ has sold thousands across the world and has had a great reception from fellow coaches, impressed at the level of detail in the blueprint of Guardiola’s team.
    Analysing games tactically is a great love and strength of mine. I think teams have success only when they prepare well tactically.
    I have always been interested to watch Real Madrid’s games in the past, as well as many of Jose Mourinho’s past teams.
    There were many key tactics, but Real were particularly good in the transition phase and were renowned as the best counter attacking team in Europe.
    Jose Mourinho's Real Madrid: A Tactical Analysis - Attacking and Defending in the 4-2-3-1 Book Set Combo

    Pages: 530 | Diagrams: 681
    Topics: 234 | Printed: B/W
    The long awaited study of Jose Mourinho’s tactics is finally here with an extensive analysis of his Real Madrid team’s 4-2-3-1 formation..
    You can now see a full analysis of Real Madrid’s attacking and defending tactics which have been so important to their success. They scored 121 goals in La Liga and this book shows Real’s 4-2-3-1 system of play, each player’s responsibilities, positioning and movement within every possible phase of play.
    A Chance for You to Learn Mourinho's 4-2-3-1 System of Play, Tactics, Each Player’s Responsibilities, Positioning & Movement With Every Possible Phase of Play.

    Book Set Price: £29.99 GBP / 37 EUR / $47 USD
    You Save: £10 | $16 US

    You'll earn 300 Points
    Jose Mourinho's Real Madrid: A Tactical Analysis - Attacking in the 4-2-3-1 Book Jose Mourinho's Real Madrid: A Tactical Analysis - Defending in the 4-2-3-1 Book

    Our Price: £19.95 GBP / 24 EUR / $30 USD

    You'll earn 200 Points

    Our Price: £19.95 GBP / 24 EUR / $30 USD

    You'll earn 200 Points
    Best Wishes,

    Coach George

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