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Below are our New Arrivals for June 2013 and best sellers for May and June.
The Art of Playing Attacking Soccer Part 3 - German Academy Coaching
Coach your Team the same way as Top German U19 Academy; FC Schalke 04.
- Coach: Norbert Elgert (FC Schalke 04 U19 Academy)
- Duration: 89 min.
Developing Game Intelligence in Soccer Part 3 - German Coaching Methods
Coach your Team to Play to the Same High Standards as Top German Academy Players
- Coach: Horst Wein
- Duration: 62 min.
Below are our Best Sellers for May and June (up till 17th) 2013

Attacking & Finishing Training Sessions - 114 Practices from Goal Analysis of Real Madrid’s 4-2-3-1
Tactics Manager Software - Create your own Practices, Tactics and Sessions

Training Sessions of the Top Dutch Coaches Vol. 3
Spanish Academy Soccer Coaching - 120 Practices of Real, Atlético & Bilbao

Jose Mourinho's Real Madrid: A Tactical Analysis in the 4-2-3-1 Book Set
Training Sessions of the Top Dutch Coaches Vol. 2

FC Barcelona: A Tactical Analysis - Attacking and Defending Book Set
Italian Academy Training Sessions Book Set Combo for U11-19

Possession: Play Football the Spanish Way Book - A Coaching Guide and Possession Games
Total Team Manager PRO - 500+ Practices &, Team Management Program

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Learn how to coach your team to play like "the best counter attacking team in the world"
with 114 practices organised into 30 ready-made sessions:

Attacking & Finishing Training Sessions Vol.1 - Real Madrid’s 4-2-3-1

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