Tiki Taka FC Barcelona Transition Game

Coaching The Tiki Taka Style of Play
Sample - FC Barcelona Practice:
Switching Play through a Central Zone Transition Game
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Today I have included an FC Barcelona Transition Game taken from "Coaching The Tiki Taka Style of Play" Book.

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Complimentary FC Barcelona Transition Game taken from Coaching the Tiki Taka Style of Play Book.
FC BARCELONA: 5 v 2 / 5 v 8 Quick Transition Game with Central Square
AFC AJAX: 4 v 4 (+1) Corner To Corner Possession Exercise
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Learn to Coach the 'Tiki-Taka' Style of Play

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  • Pages: 224
  • Print: FULL COLOUR
  • Analysis/Sessions: 30
  • Practices: 50
  • Age Group: U11-18+
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    "...i cannot describe in words as it has to be the best coaching book ever published. Took me two days to read it all and i wanted to read it again as i did not want it to end Its a must for ANY coach..." Keith, Sweden
    Top draw
    "An excellent resource for coaching the barcelona style and others. Highly recommend this to all coaches." John, United Kingdom
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    England Women's Head Coach
    "Coaching the Tiki Taka Style of Play incredibly well researched. Highly recommend to any coach. Really impressed. Best football coaching book I've read in a long, long time. Great job" 10 Nov 2013
    Jed Davies outlines in detail the Tiki-Taka football philosophy popularised by Barcelona and Spain and shows you, the coach, how to implement this style of play. Davies has studied the methods used at FC Barcelona, Liverpool FC, Swansea City FC, Villarreal CF and AFC Ajax who have all developed possession based philosophies as a way of controlling and winning games.

    Part 1 explores the development theory that requires an understanding before you are able to produce the Tiki-Taka style of football, this includes: Establishing a Football Philosophy, Identifying Local Talent and Purposeful Training.

    Part 2 looks at the Tiki-Taka philosophy and how it can be developed through purpose designed training sessions. 50 practices are provided from professional clubs including FC Barcelona, AFC Ajax, Athletic Bilbao and Liverpool FC.

    Part 3 looks at the influential figures in the evolution of Tiki-Taka with chapters on Rinus Michels (‘The Father of Football’), Johan Cruyff and Pep Guardiola among others.

    Part 4 looks at the Tactical Theory and provides a blueprint of how to play with the Tiki-Taka brand of football. It analyses positional systems, game realistic situations and solves tactical problems such as when the opposition are sitting in a deep low block (‘Parking the Bus’), all using the advice provided from professional coaches who have been involved in the implementation of the Tiki-Taka philosophy.

    Practice Topic Samples:

    • AFC AJAX: 4 v 4 (+2) End to End Possession Game
    • FC BARCELONA: 5 v 4 Breaking Out of the Middle Third
    • VILLARREAL CF: The Gridded 4 Goal Game
    • ATHLETIC BILBAO: Finding Space within the Block (Pattern Play)
    • LIVERPOOL FC: The Defensive Block Scoring Zone Game
    • FC BARCELONA: Switching Play through a Central Zone Transition Game
    • AFC AJAX: 3 v 3 / 6 v 3 Quick Phases Transition Game

    eBook also Available
    Meet the Author

    Jed C. Davies

    Jed C. Davies

    Jed is the assistant manager and head of analysis for Oxford University Centaurs and has worked with various youth players throughout Europe.

    He has studied the methods used at FC Barcelona, Liverpool FC, Swansea FC, Villarreal CF, AFC Ajax and a number of teams developing a particular fascination with the possession based philosophies in football as a way of controlling and winning games.

    Tiki-Taka football is a style of football popularised by Spain and Barcelona during the decade ending 2010 and is part of a philosophy in football that has existed right from the game’s very beginnings: a way of controlling the game through possession and positional systems.

    Jed Davies has been fortunate enough to speak in great lengths with a number of coaches who work at the clubs who currently advocate the possession based philosophy and in doing so, has developed a clear understanding of what the tiki-taka philosophy is and how it can be developed through purpose designed training sessions.

    A train of thought has been developed that football that is played in this way is developed through it’s ‘form’: positional systems, attitudes to building up possession etc. Davies therefore has proposed that football tactics should be designed around the dictum “form follows process”, a way of perfect football within an adaptive structure where the structure and positional system is the agent of change, rather than the players themselves.

    Coaching The Tiki Taka Style of Play

    This exceptional book contains a complete coaching resource on the
    Tiki Taka
    philosophy, development, training methods, tactical insight and of course practices from FC Barcelona, Ajax, Liverpool and more.

    Tactical: 30 | Practices: 50 | Age: U11-18+ | Pages: 224
    - Paperback: FULL COLOUR
    - eBook: PC / Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Tablets
    - Paperback + eBook: Best Value

    eBook also Available
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    Learn how to Coach your Team the 'Tiki Taka' Style of Play

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