2 Sample Practices from Top Rated Coaching Books

2 Sample Practices from Our Newest Coaching Books

Dear Fellow Coach,

I have included 2 practices from our Top Rated coaching products with coach's Reviews.

Periodization Fitness Training - A Revolutionary Football Conditioning Program
(10 Reviews)
"I have found this book excellent and using to very good effect in our Training Sessions each and every week. I work with Elite ( U19 ) Youth Players and while it's hard work they also enjoy."
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Advanced Spanish Academy Coaching - 120 Technical, Tactical and Conditioning Practices from Top Spanish Coaches
(5 Reviews)
"Another great addition to the Spanish training methodology, but with and added bonus of fitness conditioning. Highly recommend this book!"
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Tactics Manager - Create your Own Practices and Plan Sessions
(64 Reviews)
"Amazing product and chose this one above another product because I saw how user friendly it is. Everyone should have this...if you do not have it already, get it!"
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