4 Atletico Madrid and FC Barcelona Practices

4 Atletico Madrid and FC Barcelona Practices:

"Passing, Receiving, Combination Play, Attacking from Midfield and Finishing"

Fellow Coach,

Tonight's Champions League Match; Atletico Madrid vs FC Barcelona will be interesting considering Barca have had disappointing results recently.

So today I have included 4 complementary practices from Atletico Madrid Academy and an FC Barcelona tactical game situation followed by practices to rehearse them with your team.

4 complementary practices

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Passing ‘Y’ Shape with Combination, Dribble and Finishing
Atletco Madrid Passing Y Shape Combination Dribble Finishing
Spanish Academy Soccer Coaching - 120 Practices

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Receiving in Behind the Midfield Line and Approaching the Third Stage of Attack
Attacking through the Centre and in a 6 v 6 Dynamic Small Sided Game
FC Barcelona Training Sessions

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