Marcelo Bielsa Tactical Analysis - Building Up Play Through the Centre

Marcelo Bielsa Tactical Analysis + Practice
Building Up Play and Attacking from the Centre When the 2 Opposition Forwards Force Play Inside

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Marcelo Bielsa's Leeds have started the EPL season well playing attractive football.

This newsletter includes one of Bielsa's tactical situations, plus a practice on how to train it.

Bielsa Build Up Play Tactics + A Practice on how to Train it..

Bielsa's Build Up Tactics: Scenario 1. Playing a Through Pass in the Centre When the Opposition Wingers Stay Wide
Marcelo Bielsa Tactical Analysis
Coaching 4-3-3 Tactics
Practice to train Bielsa's Tactics: Reading the Tactical Situation to Play the Right Pass When Building Up Play from the Centre
Practice Marcelo Bielsa's Tactics

Practice on how to train the Tactical Situation

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