Monday, 7 June 2010

Cappello Selection for Final Warm up Game


Can we read anything into cappelo's Team selections for today's final warm up game?

My good friend Richard Seedhouse noted the team line-up:

1st half
Hart (GK) Johnson (RB) King (CB) Terry (CB) A.Cole (LB) Wright-Phillips (RM) Gerrard (CM) Lampard (CM) J.Cole LM) Defoe (CF) Crouch (CF)

Interesting selection..

Coach George

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  1. 2nd Half - Green (GK) Carragher (RB) Upson (CB) Dawson (CB) Warnock LB) Lennon (RM) Carrick (CM) Milner (CM) J.Cole (LM) Rooney (CF) Heskey (CF)

    Is it a combination for the game against USA?

    1st Half - Back four to start and central midfielders, 2nd half wide midfield and both forwards?

    Team would then be - question over keeper but i guess - Green (GK) Johnson (RB) King (CB) Terry (CB) A.Cole (LB) Lennon (RM) Gerrard (CM) Lampard (CM) J.Cole LM) Rooney (CF) Heskey (CF)